See you next year at the 2nd Annual Moundsville Paracon!

Join us on July 21st, 2018 at the Historic and Haunted West Virginia State Penitentiary for the 2nd annual Moundsville Paracon presented by Haunted Explorations Events as a fundraiser for the prison.   WV State Pen gets 100% of the funds raised from this event!


  • For Just $10.00 admission you get a special paranormal tours of the many hotspots led by expert guides from WVSP.  

  • You also get access to our vendor room and access to our special guests.

  • Entry to all lectures and presentations.

  • For an additional donation there will be 50 minute “mini” ghost hunts in some of the most haunted sections of the prison.  You will be with a seasoned paranormal investigator or two and get to interact with the spirits using some of the latest equipment.   A small taste of what it’s like to be a real ghost hunter and paranormal researcher.  

  • Join Bob Christopher and Dave Juliano along with some special guests to freely roam the prison the night of the paracon and investigate on your own.  (separate fee)


About West Virginia State Penitentiary:  It has been home to some very notorious inmates such as Charles Manson.   Also known the paranormal community simply as Moundsville has been featured on numerous tv shows including ; ABC Family’s Scariest places on Earth, Discovery Channels Ghost Lab, MTV’s Fear, SYFY’s The Dresden Files , Ghost Hunters, Stranded, and Warehouse 13, also featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and Ghost Asylum.

See the electric chair ‘Old Sparky’ up close and personal which was used in the execution of nine inmates. Out in the courtyard you can visit the hanging noose that is responsible for the hanging of 85 prisoners. Go down into the Alamo where the most vicious inmates were housed. Learn the story of Red and Rusty and the brutal murder that ensued. Maybe you’ll see the shadow man that has been seen by numerous visitors of the prison, or hear the ghostly voices or clinking of cups on the prison bars. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit one of the most famous haunted locations in the US.  


Make a WeekEnd out of the trip!    Stay for a couple days like we do because there is lot to do in the area around Moundsville!